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MCM B3-A2 Meter


Corrosion Monitoring:

  • Designed for the corrosion control industry
  • Increased dependability through solid-state design
  • RFI shielded throughout
  • Accurate, stable readings
  • Active filtering for power frequency rejection
  • Selectable input resistance
  • Withstands the most harsh environments
  • Flexible multimeter for all your corrosion tests
  • Housed in quality Pelican Case

MCM JR-1 & JR-2 Corrosion Monitoring

Current Interrupters

The JR-Series Current Interrupters are computer age successors to the CI-30. The use of a microprocessor plus crystal controlled timing results in a unit which can operate alone or in precise synchronization with any number of other JR units. This feature facilitate the measurement of instant-off polarized potential. The JR-Series is also well suited for use where more traditional current interrupter applications are required.

MCM LC-4.5 Corrosion Monitoring Equipment

LC-4.5 Handheld Voltmeter

Pick up a Model LC-4 and have these features in the palm of your hand:

  1. DC volts for IR drop, potential & rectifier readings
  2. AC volts for potential & rectifier readings
  3. Ohms for continuity & resistance testing
  4. Selectable input resistance display "freeze" for instant off & coordinated tests
  5. Optional plug-in shunt for current readings

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