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Flange Insulation

APS Flange Insulation Kits

APS Flange Insulation Kits

APS Flange Insulation Kits primary function is to insulate and/or isolate one side of the flanged pair from the other side. A secondary, but still as important function is to act as a sealing element for whatever fluid or gas the line is carrying.

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  • Used for insulting flange from bolts & nuts.
  • For complete isolation, insulating sleeves must be used in conjunction with Insulating Flange Gaskets to control electrical current flow on gas, oil 7 water pipelines.
  • Selection of sleeve & washers should be based on the pressure, temperature & dielectric requirements for your application.
  • Insulating Sleeves & Washers are manufactured from materials with high dielectric strengths.
  • Available for various sizes of bolts & nuts.

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