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High Performance Coating


VpCI-368 is a time-proven coating that provides excellent protection to metal substrates exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. VpCI-368 leaves a firm, wax-like film that can be removed by mineral spirits or alkaline cleaners such as Cortec® VpCI-414.

VpCI®-369 and VpCI®-369 H

VpCI-369_and_VpCI-369_H-2VpCI-369 is our best inhibitor for use as an oil additive and or temporary coating. The protective film is self-healing and moisture-displacing, providing superior protection against aggressive environments.

VpCI®-389 and VpCI®-389D


VpCI-389 is a water-based, temporary coating which provides excellent protection for outside applications and salt spray resistance. VpCI-389 is an environmentally friendly replacement to oil-based products.


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