Surge Diverters

Dehn & Sohne Spark Gap Arrester - EXSF 100

Dehn & Sohne Spark Gap Arresters
Dehn & Sohne Spark Gap Arresters are suitable for safe use in hazardous zones 1 with gas atmosphere and zone 21 for combustible dust.

Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator ™ 

Model: SSP

Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®

Models: SSP-ATEX.

The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Solid-State Surge Protector

Model: SSP is utilized where AC Mitigation and/or Lightning exposure are the primary concern to the "End-User" and offers a range of AC Fault Current exposures to accommodate most "End-Users" requirements.


Dehn & Sohne Spark Gap Arrester - EXSF 100 KU

SPA-D&S-EXFS100-KU-5High-Quality – IEC Ex Certified Isolating Spark-Gap providing electrical hazard protection above & below ground on metallic pipelines.

Rustrol® DC-Decoupler™ 

Model: DCD

Rustrol® DC-Decoupler

Model: DCD Atex  The standard DCD Product Line provides an economical engineered solution in a compact, lightweight, ready to mount assembly. The Rustrol® DC-Decoupler, Model: DCD is typically utilized within applications of light/moderate exposure of AC Fault Currents, moderate AC Mitigation/Discharge and lower lightning exposure (i.e. 75 kA @ 8/20 µs).

Dehn & Sohne SPD Test Device - PM 20

Dehn & Sohne SPD Test Device - PM 20

Combined testing of protective circuits with gas discharge tubes, varistors & Zener diodes

Rustrol® SSP Surge Protector

Model: CI

Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Models: CI

The Rustrol® Model: CI is typically utilized for unique application such as, higher AC fault current conditions and/or higher DC Voltage Thresholds which are to be retained on the cathodically protected structure (i.e. Pipeline, Storage Tank etc.).  The Rustrol®, Model: CI can achieve "End-User" requirements of AC fault Currents well in excess of 100 kA, 150 kA, up to 240 kA @ 1 cycle for 50 Hz or 60 Hz rms. The Rustrol® Cathodic Isolator®, Model: CI product line is available to provide DC Voltage Thresholds to meet the "End-User's" requirements, typically with the range of +/- 2.5 - 20 volts DC blocking potential.

Critec Spark Gap Arresters

Critec Spark Gap Arresters
Critec Spark Gap Arresters offer high peak current capability to provide long service life, and comes with a weatherproof enclosure that is suitable for direct burial. The PEC100 is ATEX approved and suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

AE138 Gas Arrester

SPA-AE138-6The AE138 is a surge arrestor for grounding the pipeline in the event of it being subject to a transient high voltage.

Installed to electrically earth equipment with Cathodic Protection fitted where it decouples the protected structure from the earthing system but allows safe passage to earth of transient electrical impulses.