Corrosion Monitoring

Corrater ® Systems

Corrater Systems

The Corrater ® systems measure instantaneous corrosion rate and pitting tendency in conductive liquids by the electrochemical technique of linear polarization (LPR). The method applies a small polarization potential difference between two electrodes and measures the resulting current, which is proportional to the corrosion rate.

Rohrback Cosasco Systems – Hand Held Instruments

Rohrback Cosasco Systems – Hand Held Instruments

The combination of corrosion and temperature measurement is particularly useful in process plants, chemical plants, and refineries - where changes in operating temperature can have a major impact on corrosion rates.

Corrosometer ® Systems


The Corrosometer ® systems measure metal loss on a continuous basis without removal from the corrosive environment. Metal loss from corrosion or erosion is determined from the increase in electrical resistance of the metal element (wire, tube, or strip) exposed to the environment. Monitoring instruments convert the resistance change into metal loss and corrosion rate readings.