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Impressed Current Anodes

Discrete Impressed Current Anodes


Discrete Impressed Current Anodes - SPA Discrete Anode for use in impressed current cathodic protection systems for reinforced concrete structures.

Rod, Wire & Tubular Anodes

Mesh, Ribbon, Rod, Wire & Tubular AnodesDe Nora LIDA(R) anodes can be supplied in various shapes, according to customer technical requirements. De Nora LIDA(R) anodes are available with soil (ST), fresh water (FW), seawater (SW), or mud type (MT) coatings.

  • Tubular Anodes
  • De Nora LIDA(R) Rod Anodes
  • De Nora LIDA(R) Wire
  • De Nora LIDA(R) Strips

Si/Fe Impressed Current Anodes


Si-Fe Solid Stick Anodes 
High Silicon Cast Iron Chill Cast in Metal Molds - Anotec’s proprietary process assure consistent weight, greater density, less flake graphite grain boundary and, lower chemical segregation than sand cast anodes.

Anode Conductor Bar / Titanium

Anode Conductor Bar

Titanium Conductor Bar is designed to distribute cathodic protection current to a MMO titanium based anode systems.

Mesh Ribbon Impressed Current Anodes

Mesh Ribbon Impressed Current Anodes

Activated titanium expanded mesh ribbon for cathodic protection of steel in concrete.

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